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Sexual dysfunction is a very common occurrence. Many people are clueless when searching about what they want, when they do a google search for sexual problem treatment or when to consult a sexologist in Mumbai.

  • 30 – 40 percent of men or women suffer from sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives
  • Most forms of sexual dysfunction (Up to 70%), such as lowered libido, difficulty in getting an erection (erectile dysfunction), early ejaculation (Premature ejaculation), anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) are due to a non-organic / non pathologic cause.
  • Most common causes for sexual problems are lifestyle issues, stress, psychiatric problems, hypertension, diabetes.
  • There are also many myths and misconceptions about sexual health, sexual performance due to poor sexual education in India.
  • Normal sexual health is dependent on the Body’s anatomy (bodily structure), physiologic functions and very importantly the psychology.
  • Sexual health is influenced also by our culture, our past relationships and prior experiences. Normal sexuality includes having the desire for sex, following behaviour that brings pleasure to self and to the partner as well as stimulation of the sex organs, including intercourse/coitus.
  • Despite the importance of having a normal and a healthy sexual life, it remains one of the most ignored aspects of normal life and health.
  • Most people try treatment with prescription for Viagra(sildenafil) from other doctors, since chemists will not dispense it without a prescription.
  • Most common misconception is that Viagra solves everything from loss of libido, to erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. But proper treatment needs, medicines, specific exercises and lifestyle modifications and treatment of underlying cause with a sexologist
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