Exam Stress

Examinations are more of a check for your comprehending ability and memory power. Stress and anxiety are natural emotions which are attached to it. But, overcoming it with courage and optimism is all that matters. Try to imagine more with positive thoughts like you becoming a school topper. Visualize your life with a bigger picture, with you leading a good and happy life. Remember, exams are important but this is not the only way to become successful in future. The more you are confident about yourself, the easier it becomes to crack the exams.
Now, let’s break this process into two phases

  • First is how you prepare yourself to study
  • Second is preparing yourself to face the exam.

Before proceeding with the guidelines, it is very important to know your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses.

Phase 1 – Tips to study

  • Set small achievable goals: This will help you to reach your milestones in a smart way. Study for 30 min, revise in 10 min and take a break for 15 min.
  • Take notes: Writing boosts up your memory power especially if you a slow learner.
  • Don’t lose confidence: Even if you find hard to learn something, do not give up. Keep trying day by day.
  • Use diagrams: A picture is worth than a thousand words. The more you represent the lessons in drawings, the more you remember it easily.
  • Set time and read: This will help you in time management during the examination.
  • Do combine studies with friends: This gives more space for learning new things.

Phase 2 – Facing the Exams

  • Avoid last-minute preparations. It will disturb your confidence levels.
  • Keep all the required things ready the day before the exams.
  • Don’t ever compromise on health and sleep. Good sleep and nutritional food are important to boost up your physical strength.
  • Refrain comparing yourself to others. Every individual is unique.
  • Don’t think about the failures. Learn to embrace them and you will shine big in the future.
  • Failures are part of success. Remember this in every struggle.

Stay away from social media and gadget distractions as much as possible. Relax by talking to your friends. Funny conversations keep you engaged, energetic and focused. Challenges are a must in life, exams are one among them. So, face it with all your heart, for it will make you a better person in future.
Exams are a test for your comprehension and memory. Stress and anxiety are two emotions linked to exams. But, being courageous and optimistic to overcome it is all that matters, irrespective of the result. Try to imagine more with positive thoughts like you doing well in exams. Try to visualize with a larger picture, with you leading a good and happy life. Ofcourse, its important to do well in exmns, but do remember that this isnt the only path to success and nowadays there are many many options available as a career choice . Confidence will reduce stress, help you reduce mistakes and make it easier to give your exams without any hassle.

Let’s discuss this in two parts

  • Preparation for studying
  • Preparation for facing the exam

Also keep a realistic view of your own strengtths and try to analyse your weakness

Part 1 – Studying tips

  • Keep your goals small and which are achievable, instead of impossible goals like studing through the night. Try studying for 25-30 min, re read and revise what you have studied in this time and spend 10 min for this. Take a good break for 15 minutes. Do something refreshing, walk a bit, eat, and again study for the same way. This will make you cover your syllabus smartly
  • Try to make your own notes combining what you have grasped from the book and what the teacher taught. Writing will help improve your memory
  • Be confident. Dont lose hope and try to break harder portions into smaller units to learn easy. Keep trying daily and eventually you will have finished it
  • Use pictures. Diagrams are quick way to represent what you know quickly and it will be easier for you to recall and revise with diagrams.
  • Keep a fixed time schedule for studying, this will help you to focus and not over commit.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours. what you have studied in the day gets converted to long term memory during sleep, so dont sacrifice sleep and study.
  • If you have some difficulty with a subject, try asking a friend for help and try studying with him
  • Eat good home made food with dry fruit like walnuts and almonds
  • Exercise for atleast 30 minutes daily. It will boost your brain’s metabolism

Part 2 – Giving the Exam

  • Dont read anything extra at the last minute since you will get panicked and lose your confidence.
  • Keep your study material, writing material, hall tickets etc ready a day before exams so that you dont have to search for it in a hurry on the day of exams
  • Dont compare yourself with other people. Everyone is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • What is in your hand is to decide how to spend your time amd how to study. Thinking about failures wont help and dont worry even if you dont suceed. You can always learn from them and giving the attempt is more important
  • Avoid internet use and social media and other distractions as much as you can. For relaxation, try talking with your friends, watch a movie, go for a walk, listen to some music. It will help you to be focused and energetic. like all other things in life, challenges have to be faced to make you a better person and face it bravely so that you can grow.
  • If you have too much of anxiety, difficulty in concentration, panic attacks, try doing deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation. If it doesnt help, you can always consult a psychiatrist for help with worries related to exams, exam stress, panic attacks, depression, worries about failure.
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