About Dr. Parth Nagda

About Dr. Parth N Nagda

Dr. Parth N Nagda, is a consulting Psychiatrist having done his MBBS at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum and M. D Psychiatry at Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital, mumbai. He is also member of Indian Psychiatric Society, mumbai Psychiatric Association as well as Bombay Psychiatric Society.

He is well experienced in treating various psychiatric disorders, in a friendly way, without making the patient uncomfortable and helps in destigmatizing mental illness.

Patients are advised to visit with their family members for a thorough understanding of the mental illness, but if the patient feels uncomfortable, they can visit alone also.

Pamphlets/ awareness brochures with information about the various illnesses such as depression, anxiety, headache, sleeping issuesetcare given to the patient to help explain the patient’s illness to others and also to make the patient aware of his/her illness.

His passion is to make people aware about different forms of mental illness and its prevalence in the community. Many a times, our near and dear ones are suffering from depression, anxiety or need stress management and the family members aren’t aware of the same, so spreading awareness helps in early recognition and early treatment.

For the same, he has organized various free camps at villages in and around mumbai, given lectures at various organizations / associations and has collaborated in research work with other doctors from the same field.


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Depression is a mood disorder that affects the thoughts, moods, feelings, behavior and physical health.


Headaches- Can be due to migraine, chronic tension type headaches, cluster headaches or even due to…


Sleep is one of the most important functions of the body and one of the earliest to get disturbed in any psychiatric or any physical issues.


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Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness which causes to withdraw from the people and activities in the world …


Mental health problems in children and adults are similar in nature. It can be difficult for a parent to identify…


OCD features a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviors..


Nami neuropsychiatry clinic is best psychiatry clinic in mumbai where we provide best anxiety treatments…


Bipolar disorder is a potentially serious mental health issue that affects about every two out of 100 people.


Age related dementias (forgetfulness) need treatment.70-80 % of dementias are irreversible, but with dementia treatment,


Stress is a normal reaction, that people have when faced with excessive pressures or demands placed upon them.

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